Fraudsters & Scamming

Watch out for impersonators

For many years, criminal gangs operating around the world have targeted UK companies with deceptive phone calls and emails. Some gangs will claim to be from Amazon, Microsoft, Apple. Large house hold name companies

Some will even claim to be from your IT Support team

Through social engineering and other techniques, a criminal gang may discover the name of your IT Support provider is Dara IT. They may then send an email or make a phone call claiming to be from Dara IT, here are some key tips to consider.

Key tips to spot fraudsters


If the person is asking you to install software. Be suspicious.

All of our existing clients will have our management tools installed so we can assist you. The only exception if it is a device at home or a brand new system in the office.


Our technicians will not ask you for passwords.

It is bad security practice to share passwords and you should not do so with any supplier who asks. There are exceptions to this but in very rare cases.


Requests for payment over the phone or by card

This is a big no no. We do not process card payments nor do we ask for payment over the phone. Your account manager at Dara IT is the only one authorised to request payment for services, please speak with them directly if you are concerned regarding an invoice you have received.


How do you prove if the technician is from Dara IT?

  • If you sent an email to support, the engineer should be able to quote the reference number you received by email.
  • If you need to confirm the identity of the person, go onto our support.darait.co.uk page and enter into a live chat. The technician will be able to confirm their identity there as well.

Check twice, click once.

It’s estimated that cybercrime will cost approximately $6 trillion per year on average through 2021. Criminals are able to profit richly from this and so they are inventing newer and smarter techniques of catching you out.

We do offer at security awareness training program to help combat this. Speak to your account manager if you would like to know more.