Phone Calls

A question that does come up from time to time is why can't you call a number and speak to an engineer directly? This is something we often explain to business owners before signing up but it is vastly different to how other IT Support companies function, so we'll why we do it this way.

Business critical issues come first

Client A has one member of staff who currently cannot print. The document is non urgent and could wait until the end of the day to be printed. This is a low priority issue.

Client B has 30 members of staff who currently cannot do any work. They cannot communicate with clients and this is a major business issue.

Naturally our IT professionals would work to restore Client B first but if they are receiving phone calls from multiple clients and need to answer each one to discover the issue, it slows down the over-all process.

Could we hire more people?

A number one pet peeve that business owners have shared with us is that when they call an IT provider they have to go through the layers of checks.

They might first speak with a receptionist style person who takes their name, contact details and company and asks for a brief description of the issue.

They are then transferred to a level-1 tech who knows a little bit but not much and you normally have to explain the issue again.

Then as you advance through the labyrinth of support techs you finally get to the right person who can help you. Yet you've wasted a lot of time sitting on the phone and the support company is paying salary for all those staff just to make sure phone calls get answered.

Our approach is efficient with a lower total cost

By making sure that when a technician is working on an issue without distractions, they are able to complete the task much faster and as we do't need to hire receptionist staff or outsource to an answering service, your business takes advantage of a lower cost support agreement.

You also get 100% of that IT engineers time dedicated to your issue.