Virus or Malware problem?

What to do?

The safest thing to do is to shut down the machine and seek IT assistance. If you are uncertain or not sure about what you are doing the safest course of action is to power down the device immediately.

Advanced Guide. Only if no other option.

This guide is written expressly for users who do not have an IT department or IT support. If you think you have a virus issue please report it to your IT support immediately.

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Have you had one or more of the following symptoms?

Advert pop ups on your computer
Trying to visit one website but you are taken to another
Your search engine has been changed
Files will not open for you

If so, you might have a virus, malware or other problem. Please follow the steps below if there is no IT support available and you are confident in your technical ability.

Steps to follow


Disconnect your computer from the internet, either by unplugging the internet cable in your computer or turning the WiFi off.


Find a USB stick that has not been plugged into that computer.


Find another computer which has shown no symptoms of a virus or malware.


Visit MalwareBytes.org


If you are a home user, skip to step 7, for business users read step 6.


For business users you need to purchase a license to use MalwareBytes.org - It is only free for non commercial usage. Once you have a confirmed license key, continue.


Download the install file for MalwareBytes onto the USB stick.


Plug the USB stick into the infected computer


Install the MalwareBytes software. If you are unable to install the software then the problem is potentially more serious.


Begin a full scan, the length of this scan depends on the speed of your computer, it could be 30 minutes or 4 hours.


Once the scan is complete, if it finds anything it will auto suggest deleting or quarantining the files, please follow the recommendation.


After you confirm the suggestions, it will attempt to clean them, it will then ask to restart the computer to finish, please allow it to do so.


Repeat steps 10-12 to confirm no malware or viruses remain.

This might not get back your files but it should tell you if you have had a virus outbreak on your computer. If you do not have IT support, please consider an IT services company in your area who can help.

Security software. - Preventing this happening.

No software will ever catch 100% of threats but choosing the right product can make a big difference.

We recommend Webroot as an effective tool for protecting your machines. Lighting fast scan times, complex threat prevention algorithms backed up by a great support team.